... on Jakob Vogel's homepage. The fact that you are reading this text means that you already discovered one of the new features of this page. The site has been completely revised and I have taken special care to comply with the official XHTML syntax. (I know, the applet code is not correct ... In fact, I just copied the output from Sun's official HtmlConverter.)

When using Microsoft's Internet Explorer you may discover missing margins or displaced text blocks. This appears to be a result of the strict XHTML used. This problem might be solved with future versions of MSIE. I recommend to use a compliant browser.

Adresses on this page have been altered to protect them from harvesters. You have to replace all occurences of [dot] with a dot and those of [at] with an at.

This page is just a copy of my old page that I created some time ago. A new version will be made available as soon as I have time to finish it.